Why KPM Technology?

What makes us different?

How is KPM Technology’s Managed Services product different and better?

Most MSP providers have a pool of technicians that don’t really know you, your staff or your network.  They are dispatched to your site based upon availability.  They take your call depending on who picks it up in the queue.

At KPM Technology, we believe we best serve our clients if we assign two technicians to your account.  You see a familiar face each time we visit your site.  You hear a familiar voice each time you call for support.  And best of all, our technicians are familiar with every aspect of your network.  It’s a much more efficient solution to resolve problems than dispatching the first person available, like most Managed I.T. Service providers do.

What happens if both technicians aren’t available?
One of the first things we do for your company when we partner with you is assess and document your entire network.  This means that if  your primary technicians weren’t available to help you, one of our other, well trained technicians would quickly review your network documentation and resolve your issue.

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