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Network Assessments

Who’s Looking At Your Data?

KPM Technology offers a very unique service to Springfield and the Southwest Missouri area.

  • FDIC preliminary bank network security audits.
  • HIPAA consulting and network audits.
  • General Security audits for any business network.

Many companies believe their network is safe. The real fact is over 90% of all business networks have some (and in many cases severe) security vulnerabilities.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you have a firewall and is your firewall secure?
  • Are your servers and workstations secure and patched?
  • Do you have sufficient virus and spyware protection on your network?
  • Are your wireless devices secure?

At KPM Technology, we have invested thousands of dollars in training and software products that allow us to find and patch vulnerabilities on your network.

We can correct your security issues before the FDIC or HIPAA auditors provide you the ultimatum.