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Managed I.T. Services

Springfield MO Managed I.T. Services Takes The Burden Of I.T. Off Of Your Non-I.T. Staff.

What Is It?  It’s Simply Outsourcing Your I.T. Support.

It’s a network administration solution built specifically for businesses that don’t have everyday computer support professionals on staff.

Based out of Springfield, MO, KPM Technology will monitor every aspect of your network so we can address I.T. issues before they can cause business interruption.  With the help of our software, your network equipment, servers and workstation ‘talk’ to us on a real-time basis.  When they stop talking, or tell us they are sick, we proactively resolve the issue, generally before the user ever even notices there was a problem.

It’s unlimited onsite and remote support for one monthly fee.

Too often Springfield business owners rely on internal professionals with a full work load to manage I.T. related issues.  Printing, internet access, email, backups, etc. all become the responsibility of a person with their own workload and usually no formal I.T. training.  KPM Technology becomes your I.T. department.  We monitor, maintain and manage your network from the perimeter to the workstation.  KPM Technology will:

  • Implement 24/7 network monitoring tools that monitor in real-time and alert our staff when there’s a concern.
  • Provide unlimited onsite and remote support for a single monthly fee based on network size.
  • Manage your I.T. vendors (you’ll never have to call the copy repair guy again).
  • Ensure backups are running and are successful.
  • Ensure antivirus software is running, up-to-date, and doing its job.
  • Patch all workstations and servers.

Fees are based on the size of your network, so no one is too small or too large in Springfield, MO to benefit from KPM Technology Managed I.T. Services.

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