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Security & Compliance

Over $650 Billion Dollars Per Year Is Wasted In Lost Productivity.


What comes to mind when you think of the biggest time-wasters in a professional environment? Check out these statistics:

  • Surfing / Social Net / Texting  : 46%
  • Chit-Chat / Office Talk  : 20%
  • Online Shopping  : 8%
  • Spam Sifting  : 8%
  • Video / Music Streaming  : 7%
  • Downtime Due to Virus  : 6%
  • Other  : 5%

FOUR of every eight hours during the day is wasted due to non-business related computer activity.

KPM Technology offers firewall solutions that can:

  • Protect you at the network perimeter from Viruses and Hackers.
  • Block spam at the network perimeter so your users never have to sift through unwanted email.
  • Control where your users go on the Net.  We can restrict by website or by category.  And we can generate reports on web traffic per user.
  • We can restrict Video, Music Streaming and Social Network sites.

KPM Technology offers managed Anti-Virus solutions.

  • Enjoy a one-screen real-time summary of all Antivirus Agents.
  • View their status and definition dates.
  • Run scans on any network PC from the main console.
  • Never have to worry again if your computers are protected.

Watch your productivity rise as you regain control of your network.