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Business Continuity

Formerly Known As Backup and Recovery

If your systems were ransomed…
If your systems were destroyed by fire, flood, tornado…
If your systems were compromised by a disgruntled employee…
If you lost all data, software, files and services on your Local Area Network, how long could you remain in business?

Datto Backupify Business Continuity

According to an industry study by The Diffusion Group, who surveyed small business organizations, 60 percent of companies that lose their data close down within six months of the disaster and a staggering 72 percent of businesses that suffer major data loss disappear within 24 months.

The results of a similar study found that 93 percent of businesses that suffer data loss for more than 10 days file for bankruptcy within one year, 50 percent immediately.

Now, imagine for a moment how your business would continue when an event occurs…

Veeam Business Continuity

KPM Technology can mitigate these scary numbers for your organization. We no longer think of things in terms of “Disaster Recovery”. As you can see above, if you’re down for a significant amount of time at all, the odds are not in your favor to ever recover from a disaster.

At KPM Technology, we talk about Business Continuity instead. If you’re ransomed; if your data or infrastructure is destroyed; if your employees go rogue; we have plans and solutions for that.

  • We can spin up your entire environment on our continuity devices that live on your premise.
  • If those are destroyed with your infrastructure, we can spin up your entire environment in the cloud.
  • You’re people can continue to work; your business can continue to function; you won’t become another statistic.